Another Chance to Make Good

Another year, another chance for me to make good on everything and to realize my heretofore unrealized potential–even as I indulge in bad habits at the same time as I try to start good ones. I feel I’m already off to a good start: I’ve started revising a novel I’m currently working on, and did some house cleaning. I was going to post a video to my vlog, but realized just as I was about to do so that the batteries in my camera were running low, and I don’t have any more. The best-laid plans…

I’m also undertaking a cookbook challenge this year, but, because I didn’t research any of the recipes I want to work on, it will be like diving head-first into a body of water for me, in terms of buying ingredients as well as finding recipes and cooking. But I won’t make excuses for not following through on this, but rather, I’ll find a way to make it work under the circumstances.

So far, I’m doing better than last year in terms of having prepared for this year–not much, but I still feel good about what I’ve done. One thing I realize I need to work on is not beating myself up whenever I mess anything up.

Granted, I don’t have everything I need right now to accomplish everything I want to accomplish, but the year has just started, so I’m not too worried. Everything will fall into place as the year progresses–I’ll make damn sure of that.

Here’s to the start of a new year, and another chance to make good.


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