A New Year of Uncertainty and Hope

A new year has begun, and a cloud of uncertainty mixed with hope is hanging over it. 

For the last year or so, the world has been in the grip of a pandemic, with responses thereto varying from one political leader--and one person--to the next. In the midst of COVID-19, people of Asian descent and black people have faced violence, the latter of which brought Black Lives Matter back into the news for a time. As well, reports of celebrity misbehaviour related to the pandemic have leaked into the headlines (see Bryan Adams and, most recently, Tom Cruise). COVID-19 has presented the world with an opportunity--mainly for businesses to stop trashing the planet to make a buck--but it's up to everyone at all levels of society, including political leaders, to take advantage of this particular opportunity.

On a personal note--without going into details--I've made a mess of my life within the last year and a half or so, but the arrival of 2021 has presented me with an opportunity to make things right, and to maybe get even the tiniest bit ahead.  I know there are circumstances beyond my control, but I'm determined to make things happen this year.

I don't know what 2021 will bring, but I'm cautiously optimistic about...everything.

One thought on “A New Year of Uncertainty and Hope

  1. I have to take issue with those of means, travelling internationally. During a pandemic, we ALL should stay home. This is how the Covid-19 variant came to Canada…rich people feeling entitled & not changing their life-style even during a pandemic. I know plenty of people who have lost their jobs, and some rich person takes a vacation? During a pandemic? Do they feel immune? It’s the poor, under-privileged who will get sick & die. All because someone didn’t like staying home? I don’t care if you’re a celebrity (?) or not…if I get sick because you travelled,,,and I can prove it was you….I will sue you. Selfish.

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