Out and About, Day Two: Getting Lost, A Missed Opportunity, and Sick Feet

I decided to check out Central Park today. What an undertaking that turned out to be; I needed to refer to directories interspersed throughout the park several times, and I still missed some spots–Mineral Springs, Belvedere Castle, Cherry Hill. After losing my way a few times, I decided to throw in the towel, and just get a map from The Dairy Visitor Center and Gift Shop; with help from the map, I actually managed to locate the Central Park Zoo and the Tisch Children’s Zoo (which are both in the Central Park Wildlife Center)–but not before my feet decided to remind me they’re blister-prone, and how, necessitating in me purchasing a box of bandages and taking a rest before trying again to locate the zoos. (I view zoos as a moral grey area, by the way). I should add that I unknowingly got off the bus ten stops before I was supposed to, but, if I hadn’t, I would have missed a couple of gems, one of them being Carnegie Hall.

After seeing a third of Central Park, I went to an event suggested by a local humanist group (on their web site), different from the one who hosted last night’s meeting; I had to pay to get in, but I definitely didn’t get my money’s worth, as I was hoping to meet some people from this group, but instead had to endure speeches interrupted by the occasional musical act. It was a worthwhile event–commemorating the life and legacy of folk musician and progressive political activist Pete Seeger–but would a period of socializing before the event been too much to ask? I ended up leaving before the event was over–mostly because one of the performers of a musical act decided to give yet another speech before he and his band performed. I don’t mind speeches per se, but they shouldn’t be a preamble to musical acts or literary readings, nor should they be very long–five minutes, tops.

I’m going to give my feet several hours of rest, then I’m going to get up early tomorrow, and do some more sightseeing–and see if I can’t tackle the rest of Central Park, map in tow. I have only two days left here in New York City, after all, and I need to see everything I can before I begin my trip home.

P.S.:  My cell phone is now operating on New York City time–for now.  And I’m roaming, for now.


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